In the month of December of the year 2012, the actor and Galician director Rubén Riós, proposes to his team the idea of ​​carrying out a short film with people with intellectual disability, initially proposing 3 months for its recording. 

All planning is dismantled by discovering firsthand the emotional richness of the world that surrounds these people. Those 3 months end up becoming two and a half years of teamwork, in which the recording is recorded from the first day of rehearsals until the last day of recording of the short film.

In these images, the whole process of rehearsals, character creation, improvisation and memorization techniques are combined with the feelings, sensations and daily problems of this group.

The images obtained during the recording process begin to be a life lesson for the audiovisual team, thanks to the reality and depth of the feelings and concerns of our protagonists. From there, the documentary Máis ca vida was born, becoming the seed that contributes to capture on paper everything that in an indirect way helps the creation of the plot of the script of the short film “Life”. This work of fiction ends up becoming the first audiovisual experience having as protagonists people with disabilities and being linked to a first-rate artistic cast, such as the renowned actors Javier Gutiérrez, Cristina Castaño, Mariana Carballal, Estíbaliz Veiga, María Mera and Luis Iglesia among others. All of them transfer the existing social differences to the viewer in a playful and entirely positive way, inviting the public to reflect.

Fredi Leis – No lo Sabes

The Project
A year of essays (tests) with the project director Ruben Ríos, next  to a group of people with different abilities and endless desire to shown(teach) the world what they are capable of, was the trigger for the realization of a large number of audiovisual works based on the spirit of union and teamwork.

“Mais ca Vida” is a documentary that presents. The actual testimonies of the everyday life surrounds these people.

The documentary captures in images the moments of rehearsal to those who have had to deal with the shooting facing their fears, joys, questions, difficulties, fatigue and their feeling.

Shortly after understanding in depth the concerns of our protagonists, the documentary contributes to capture on paper everything that indirectly helps the creation of script plots, as Vida, a fiction work created by and for them.

The work of fiction Vida, a mix of art, entertainment and communication, becomes the first audiovisual experience of this group, which has a cast of first category as the recognized actors Javier Gutiérrez, Cristina Castaño , Mariana Carballal, Estibaliz Veiga, María Mena and Luis Iglesia among others. The will show the viewer in a playful way, entirely positive and realistic, the existing social differences by inviting the public to reflect.

These closely linked projects offer a pioneering format that will transport the public to a world of emotions in which will be able to discover that fiction and reality of these two works go hand in hand.

“Mais ca Vida” The documentary pick up from a realistic and natural approach everything indirectly contributed to the creation of the short film VIDA.

The documentary collects in images trial moments that actors had to face in the shooting. In reference to the testimonies, feelings and reflections.

All of this with a narrative entirely positive, healthy and very fun. These lived experiences were decisive for the development of the script of the short film that relates in a realistic way the day to day world around us.

The two projects are closely linked by offering an innovative format that will transport the viewer into a world of emotions in which you can discover that fiction and reality of the two works go hand in hand.

Between the end of the 60 S and beginning the year 2000, between the rural and urban Ourense, the live of two united families by destiny take place. In a small village, a family is preparing for a great family events.

The fate, the coincidences, the forces of that time as expected a veritable ordeal for some and a test of life for others in a flat, in the city centre, the tranquillity of a mother is truncated by the desire of one of its daughters of wanting to fly alone:  Paul (38 years old) is a boy with disabilities who currently works in cleaning services of the city, begins to assess the possibility of a journey alone. Elena (32 years old) is a girl with disability who facing a vital test to make one of the most important decisions f her life, in which life, death, passion, selfishness, fears forgiveness come into play. Pablo will come across a past full of absences and resentments that prepare him for a future of forgiveness and illusion.

These are the moments that we create together with the people around us
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